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Company Profile
Our company was founded at Hereford, England, in the 1920's and has since grown into one of the most modern and efficient structural steelwork fabricators in Europe, with a capacity today in excess of 12,000 tonnes per annum.

Specialising particularly in the manufacture of galvanized steel towers for the electrical transmission and distribution industries, we have earned an enviable international reputation over the years for accurate fabrication of these structures using computer controlled production techniques.

In 1955 we became a member of the BICC plc group of companies and we currently operate within the Balfour Beatty Power Networks Division which is an operating company within the Balfour Beatty plc group of companies. This association enables us to offer a fully integrated service embracing every aspect of overhead electrical transmission and distribution world wide.

Alongside transmission towers, our company also manufactures masts and towers for radio, television, microwave and satellite communication. Several of our structures are the highest of their type in the World.

We also produce lattice distribution poles, sub-station support steelwork, flare stack support structures, railway electrification structures and Callender-Hamilton lattice girder bridges - in short, any kind of steelwork where inter-changeability of parts and a first class finish are essential.

Furthermore, within the city we have available to us two modern galvanizing plants which can between them process over 30,000 tonnes of structural steelwork per annum.

It soon becomes clear why Painter Brothers are one of the leading producers of bolted lattice steelwork in the world.